An Explanation…


It’s been a while since I last touched this blog. In fact, it’s been one and a half years. 

Don’t worry, I hadn’t given up cycling or become a triathlete or something. With only so much mental energy, and a limited pool of literary creativity to call from, I decided to devote last year to finally finishing my book: Turn Right for Japan: Cycling the the Silk Road to The Orient.

More about this in another post, but for now rest assured it’s a rip-roaring read about when I quit my job and rode my bike from London to Tokyo some fifteen years ago. 

And now – today – it’s 2nd August 2020, as I sit here on my Tokyo suburban balcony writing these words. For curiosity’s sake, I looked it up: on 2nd August 2005, I was in Central Asia pedaling through the Fergana valley, another dry day of 45+ degree heat. By this point I had survived vicious guard dogs in Serbia, debilitating disease in Azerbaijan and a life-threatening fever in Uzbekistan. And that morning I received a much needed blessing from a local iman, now worried for my onward journey to the Chinese border. 

Nowadays, I can’t promise anything quite as exotic, but I have at least rediscovered my cycling mojo, and with in, my blog. It’s alive! As am I.

Straight ahead!

Japan straight ahead!

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